Summer Gathering

Call for Presenters


We need you to make the Summer Gathering Memorable and to help bring back this event as one of the premiere items on the modern Pagans calendar.

We are looking for a myriad of workshops with over 20 times slots available to choose from.

Presentations will be between 50 minutes and 1 hour 50 minutes in duration.

If your presentation is likely to be expensive to run or likely to encourage a greater attendance we can negotiate some discounts beyond the standard 10%.

Potential presenters, please provide the following:

* A brief presenter biography, 100-250 words per person should be sufficient.
* Workshop name - preferably including the spiritual path (i.e. Shapeshifting for Shamanic journey work) and duration and/or timeslot preferred.
* A workshop outline, 100-300 words.

The bio and workshop outlines are likely to end up on the website and/or in a program for the event.

If you would like to present more than one workshop, feel free to submit outlines for two or three (numbered in order of your preference). If we have a lot of submissions our workshop coordinator will select based on what seems to better fit the program as it develops.


Entertainers & Performers

Are you a roving minstrel, street performer or balloon artist? Are you willing to add to the event ambience by entertaining our guests for an hour or three (possibly during meal times)?

Special discounts on ticket prices apply by negotiation.


Last updated 27/04/17