Summer Gathering

An unconfirmed schedule

Version 4 - A little re-jig; getting closer

All times and durations are approximate
Workshops may change if new presenters become available

Saturday 13 Jan 2018

5.05am Sunrise (swimming?)

7.30am Breakfast (self-cater)

9am-3pm Markets (suggested timeframe)

9.30am Workshop - Lunar phases + (solar) sabbats - Kim Dreamorpheus.

Description: An exploration of the 8 phases of the moon and how they relate to the 8 sabbats of the Wheel of Year. Bio: Kim is a witch, an astrologer, and a transpersonal counsellor, with a special interest in the symbolic world of dreams. She is currently blessed to be the co-High-Priestess of The Circle Coven, Brisbane's longest running eclectic witch coven. (60-80 mins)

11am Ritual Workshop - The purpose of ritual; ritual etiquette; ritual preparations; elements of the 2018 Summer Rite - by C.A.W.

1pm Lunch (self-cater)

2.30pm Workshop TBA (60-80 mins)

4.30pm Ritual Preparation - time to cleanse and get dressed up!

5.30pm The Summer Rite - Ritual by C.A.W.

6.30pm Dinner (self-cater)

6.50pm Sunset

8.30pm Bardic circle hosted by Simon Court (bring a song, sea-shanty or similar) includes Major Raffle and a prize for best performance.


Sunday 14 Jan 2018

5.06am Sunrise

7.30am Breakfast (self-cater)

9.30am Workshop - What is CAW; Who’s who and what they do; a discussion about CAW and what you'd like to know, what you'd like to see - Martha and Peter (C.A.W. Clergy)

11am Workshop TBA (60-80 mins)

1pm Lunch (self-cater)

2.30pm Water Workshop by the lake - C.A.W. Clergy

3.30pm Workshop - A Fantasy Journey - Simon Court

4.30pm Workshop TBA (60-80 mins)

6.30pm Dinner (self-cater)

6.50pm Sunset

8.30pm Top hat discussions – everyone who wishes to propose a topic of discussion may write it on a piece of paper and place it in a hat. One item at a time to be drawn from the hat for open discussion in a similar format to Bardic Circle - includes minor raffle, a prize for best response, and a prize for best question.

Time permitting - Story telling/ open mike (without the mike)


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