Summer Gathering
12-15 Jan 2018

Lake Moogerah dam wall

Lake Moogerah

This years Summer Gathering will be professionally catered on the banks of Lake Moogerah. Lake Moogerah is currently full and contains over 84 000 000 000 litres.

Attend PresentMarket

Mount_Greville from Lake Moogerah


With over 200 bunks, there's heaps of room. Camp if you like, or bring your van - but definitely bring your togs. Full site information, menus and workshop schedules will be supplied to all registered guests prior to the event.


Summer Gathering

Come one, come all to the Summer Gathering!

Calling all Druids, Shamans, Wiccans, Magicians, and people of wide and diverse understandings. Once again the Summer Gathering is open to everyone.

This year we are using the sites caterers, and we've been promised a treat with a new menu and a new head chef starting just before we arrive.

We're inviting more presenters this year, so hopefully there'll be a lot more on offer.

Workshops galore

Maybe we're just speculating, but we're hoping to have twice as many workshops this year. If you want to run a workshop, presentation or ritual we are also offering discounts for our presenters.


Friday night: Simon Court will host our Bardic Circle.

Saturday night: Adrienne and Nick from Spiral Dance will be performing.

Sunday night: Open mike night.

We are also offering discounts for any other entertainers that might like to come along and perform. Please see our presenters page for more information.


Normally it's one size fits all, but this year we will be trialling different ticketing options and various discounts.

Bunking, powered and unpowered sites are available however all costs are per head, per day so these options all come at the same cost. There's a boat ramp on site, so you can even bring your tinnie!


There's heaps of it!

Lake Moogerah is currently (Apr 25) at 100.5%, stocked with fish, and waiting for us to arrive. With 84 million tonnes of water there's bound to be a little left when we arrive next year.

Come join us and share the water of life.