Summer Gathering

Ticketing Information

Ticket options

Day Pass - Saturday only
Markets, workshops, ritual, entertainment. Come for the day at half the price of the whole event. Includes lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon tea.

Three day pass
Catch it all, from 1pm Friday until noon on Monday. With 20 presentations to select from, rituals, and great entertainment each evening. All meals are catered for with morning and afternoon tea available each day.

Three day pass - earlybird
As above, but we'll be taking an extra 10% off if you pay in full one month ahead.



Only one discount applies per person.

10% Concession card holders
10% Group purchase of 6+ tickets
10% Presenters
20% Financial CAW members


Pricing considerations

It's too early to know how much ticket prices will be at this stage. We need a little time to estimate our costs before finalising the details.

The Summer Gathering is the main fundraising event of the Church of All Worlds Australia Inc. Each year we estimate our costs and attempt to set pricing so that we make a small profit, this year we are hoping to recoup about $500.

Ticket pricing makes up the majority of this, however we will also be running a raffle.

This year we are using professional caterers and have selected a fairly good site. We also have entertainment flying in from Adelaide and will be supplying around $1000 in raffle prizes. All of this adds to the overall cost.

We currently estimate that full price tickets will be between $300 and $350.